Beach Day

Paget, Bermuda

I can finally say, after about 3.5 months in Bermuda that I have been to the beach. And not just to take photos, but actually swimming and sunning. My colleague Jordan mentioned that he was planning to hit the beach today, and wondered whether or not I would care to head over as well. I figured it was about time, and as long as the weather was decent, it would be a good time.

After a long hot trek over, on which I was met by Jordan, we arrived to the white sands of Elbow Beach. There we were met by another colleague Victoria. Jordan and I, still quite warm from the walk up to the beach, ended up going swimming for about ten or fifteen minutes. Afterwards we sat on the beach chairs and chatted. The clouds would block our sun from time to time, but it remained nice. The white sands and turquoise water were both quite surreal. I’m certain that this is the first time that I have been swimming at a beach in February. I have dipped my feet into the Mediterranean in December, but I would hardly call that swimming. And I wasn’t laying around in a bathing suit.

To all of my friends and family reading this amidst sub-zero temperatures, I apologize. ;)