Tools all the way down

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hey everyone, hope this finds you well. Today the theme is “many-in-one”. All of the tools below are aggregates of smaller tools. For the most part. Maybe try squinting a bit to see it. logo or screenshot

Browse our free online and interactive HTML CSS and JS tool collection. I don’t think anyone can argue that this fits the theme, it is literally a toolbox, a collection of over 50 common and useful dev utilities. Need help with your CSS box shadows? Or maybe you’d like a QR code generated. Take a look and see all of the tools you didn’t realize you needed.

Astro logo or screenshot


Build faster websites with less client-side JavaScript. So it would seem that Astro is the new hotness in the web world, at least for the moment. Part static site generator, part build tool, Astro lets you build your app/pages using Svelte, React, Vue or plain HTML. Something for everyone. Like other static site generators, it is more targeted at content or e-commerce sites rather than ‘apps’, but ticks a lot of the boxes for a good blog or portfolio site.

LogSeq logo or screenshot


Logseq is a privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge sharing and management. OK, this certainly isn’t a dev tool, it is a personal knowledge management (PKM) app, which is another topic at the moment. But it combines the ‘graph-of-notes’ concept with an outliner. It focuses on a daily journal where you can record anything that happened and link to existing or new notes going into more detail. So if you think in bullet points, or at least take notes like that, then this is worth a look. It is still a bit on the ‘beta’ side of things, but they have new releases every couple of days it feels like.

Written by Colin Bate