Launch a site with ease.

Hamilton, Bermuda

I hope that everyone is well! This week we have a set of tools that will help you get your site / blog up and running. Certainly not the only options, but all are solid choices. And if you scroll down, I share a video that I made showcasing how easy it is to get a simple app from zero to deployed.

Octauthent logo or screenshot


Create a login form in less than a minute Integrate it to your site without a single line of code Manage your users from your Octauthent dashboard. From what I can tell, this free (at least for now) service sits in front of your site acting as a proxy for your authentication. It seems to require that you use Cloudflare in front of your site, but apart from that setup and some forms to fill out it doesn’t require any coding.

Slinkity logo or screenshot


To eleventy and beyond! The incredible build plugin for components, page transitions, and more. Following on from last week where I mentioned Astro, this tool is an extension to 11ty that looks to have a similar goal. I don’t think they are exactly alike, but if you are already an 11ty user, this might be a more incremental option for adding those dynamic touches to your site.

utterances 🔮 logo or screenshot

utterances 🔮

A lightweight commenting system using GitHub issues. As a developer, what better to use for comments on your site than GitHub issues? Particularly well suited for tech blogs or documentation sites for technical projects. Free and simple to get started.


Watch as I create a small Svelte app and deploy it to Netlify.
Written by Colin Bate