These tools are no joke

Hamilton, Bermuda

I’m not out to fool you, there is free serverless-compatible data storage at play here and I don’t joke about that. Otherwise I have a tool and a fun library so we don’t forget the whimsy of the day.

Upstash logo or screenshot


Designed for the serverless with per-request pricing and Redis/Kafka API. As I’ve said before, anytime I see some free storage, it is definitely something I’m going to pass on. So when I came across Upstash offering a serverless version of a couple less common storage options, I got excited. Also interesting is that the Redis service is backed by disk persistence so you can use it for more than caching and transient data. You only get 256MB for free (for each offering), but the nature of these particular tools means that may well be more than enough for any hobby projects. That said, Redis and Kafka aren’t in your typical hobby project stack, but the pay as you go options beyond that seem pretty reasonable.

Date & time tools optimized for convenient use. Collection of useful date & time-related tools with clean simplistic clean design and the convenience of use. Whether you need a Unix timestamp or a full ISO8601 string, this refreshingly nice looking tool has you covered. Certainly worth bookmarking.

react-custom-roulette logo or screenshot


This one caught my eye, as I’ve seen my son watching videos where a roulette style wheel is used to add some drama to a random selection. And I can certainly see myself making a small game or tool at some point that uses it. Generally not a big React fan, but I can make it work.