The third week

Hamilton, Bermuda

It somehow feels like a lot longer but I’m only on my third week in Bermuda. I think the main reason it feels longer is because I’ve been sick. Only with the common cold mind you, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Now that is mostly behind me and I am starting to get settled in.

With most of my stuff unpacked and in a place, if not its place, my little cottage is starting to feel like a home. For a while I was sort of living out of boxes, thinking that maybe someone would change their mind and I would be moving somewhere else. But I’ve purchased my own helmet, and while I’m still renting a scooter, I’ve decided on buying one myself. I’m hoping to do my written test this week and then schedule my driving test as soon as possible so that I can legally drive any new scooter I get.

Work is busy and constant, which is fine as long as the weather stays cool and wet and I have no desire to get outside to take photos or otherwise. I will say that this February is not nearly as nice as it was last February. Granted anything can happen between now and this weekend, but I doubt I will be hitting up the beach like last year. But it shouldn’t be too long before those of us still acclimatized to Canada will find that it is beach weather.

I’m hoping that it will be that nice when my brothers come down to visit. If they are able to come and visit. Still need to sort out the logistics on that. But I am embracing my new island home a little more than I expected, and also reaching out and meeting people outside of work, so I think that things will turn out alright in this chapter of my life–assuming work doesn’t kill me.