The Perfect Excuse

While this content was accurate at the time of writing, this post has since been extracted from Ghost and is now a humble markdown document processed by Hugo Astro.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to get some content online focused around the technical tidbits (and rants) that I develop over time. I even wrote my own tool to publish a mercurial repository as a static site, but I haven’t been using it.

So along comes Ghost and saves the day.

I was following/anticipating Ghost since I just missed their Kickstarter. However, since I’m quite busy, the time flew by and here we are, running this site off of a Ghost instance which I spun up on a DigitalOcean droplet in just a few minutes.

There are lots of guides for setting up Ghost, this isn’t going to be one of them. However, I may decide to start hacking on Ghost, and if I do, then I will certainly share that. Until then, I’m going to get started with some content I already have prepared.