Fun Links 2013-10-04

Some geeky Windows customization tools/tips this week.

Do you prefer the bash style of tab completion and command line support in general? Then clink might be able to help by providing that support for Windows cmd.exe

I’m hoping that most people are at least using Console 2 for their command line needs, but there is a fork of that project which adds some extra goodies like full screen and splitting tabs into views. If you are still using straight cmd.exe, save yourself some time and hassle with ConsoleZ (or Console 2)

Don’t like your Caps Lock key? wANT TO CHANGE IT? I personally remap it to a Ctrl key on all my keyboards (which is ergonomically better), but this tool lets you remap keys arbitrarily. Do read the disclaimers and instructions though, you can mess yourself up if you remove all of you Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys

X-Mouse Button Control
Page looks like it is from 1996, but the tool works great if you want to customize your mouse. I currently use it to reverse my scroll wheel direction and to scroll the window under the cursor instead of the one with focus, but you can also remap buttons and other funky stuff. Supports multiple configuration sets and per application settings.