The Cure

Burnaby, BC

Last night marked The Cure’s Vancouver appearance in their current tour. And it was quite a show. I am admittedly not a die-hard The Cure fan, more of a casual listener to some of their more popular collection of songs. It didn’t detract from the great music and show put on by seeing the group live. And from a more sociological point of view it was interesting to see the potpourri of human society that the concert attracted. Let’s just say there was no shortage of black eyeliner and nail polish. The mohawk density was also pretty high.

That said, there was actually a pretty wide range of ages and backgrounds represented in the audience. At least from where I was sitting, up on the “Telus Level”. And I’m glad I was up there too, as from that distance, the volume level registered slightly under where it would cause permanent damage. At least I hope so. Despite my tongue-in-cheek attitude of this post, I enjoyed the concert immensely, both the music and the show.