The case of the missing gluetrap

As you all know from my close encounter a couple weeks ago, I had placed glue traps in various places in my room. In the corners and other places I’ve seem it or suspected it of venturing. Other than my initial contact, the traps were largely unsuccessful. It was my assumption that the mouse had learned his lesson and might avoid the traps, but that is giving the mouse a fair bit of credit. None the less there was no activity in the traps except for one which has fortuitously attracted a large number of ants each of which has become stuck. I am also experiencing an influx of ants in my room so I am thankful for any ally in that battle.

However my trap situation changed yesterday when I returned from work. I was doing my usual trap round (I like to be optimistic) when I noticed that one of the seven traps I have located around my room was missing. Not just moved, but no longer anywhere I can find it. And this trap was even on a floor mat so it would not have been easy for a half trapped vermin to drag it somewhere. I haven’t done a full hands and knees search of my room yet, partially because I’m afraid of what I might find, but I did look all around the corner of the room where the trap had been with a flashlight – I even pulled out a couple of drawers in my dresser to see behind them and no sign of mouse or trap. I have visions of the mouse with this trap stuck to his back scurrying about the room and somehow dragging this thing into a hole in the baseboards.

As this mystery unfolds I’ll be sure to report back. :)