So I wasn't crazy

Mouse in traps This morning I was awoken by the sounds of struggle. I had caught the mouse in not one but two of the glue traps I had set out only last night. He had dragged one of them over to the other one. At first I thought that was pretty stupid, but unlike what the packaging for these traps said, “Once in, trapped forever” is not the case, because in the time it took me to download the photo from my camera the little bastard managed to get away sans a bit of hair. He used the yellow cord that you see in the photo and I guess managed to get his limbs free and then in my rush to throw on a pair of pants to take him outside in, he escaped.

I’m hoping that he’ll be back soon in one of the traps, and there is the distinct possibility that there is more than one mouse, but I’ll deal with that in due course. Damn. So close.