It is so close and yet so far. For those of you who missed the opportunity to watch me and Jon carry one sexy, heavy box from PCPC to my apartment, you missed quite a sight. When my cellphone rang shortly after noon I immediately got excited. When I opened it up and it was a Dalhousie number that I didn’t recognize I got to the point were I could barely make it through the formality of: “Is Colin there?” “Speaking.” “Colin your G5 has arrived and it is ready for you to pick it up.”

Jon knew right away what was up. He has the unique claim to fame of being present at the birth of both of my computers. So I transferred some money around so I could actually pay for this beast and we headed over to PCPC. Now, allow me to divert a little. Last night (Thursday night) we had a really massive lightening storm. It was intense I don’t remember thunder and lightening this intense before in Halifax. There was once in Wasaga Beach last year when Chris and I were up there - we were in a tent for that so it was a whole different experience. The thunder last night rattled my windows and illuminated the bedroom. I do love lightening so I was pretty hyped - as hyped as you can be after being woken up at 4am by the collision of superheated air particles. I was also hoping that the discharge would help clear up some of the sick humidity that has been plaguing us for a while. Nope. Today was as humid if not more humid than every other day this week. So by the time I get to PCPC I am starting to perspire. In hindsight I wish I had thought about how big this box might be - I would have brought a cart from tech support. Between Jon and I - emphasis on Jon (thanks so much buddy), we got this thing into my apartment where we sat and starred at it for over 30 minutes catching our breath. The real reason we waited in my apartment was that there was a guy in there changing my drapes. So when he was done, we went back to work.

Now I am in Durham, trying to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home while my sexy new G5, Athena, lies in wait for me in my apartment. So close and yet so far.

Written by Colin Bate