Home Office

I am back in Halifax and after a long sweaty evening, and with the much appreciated help of my mother, I now have a home office. Well… it is still a bedroom, but now the desk area is separate from the bed area and it feels a bit more like work. Plus the desk is nearer the window which will help me keep cooler while working, which was an issue before.

And despite being here for the past 4 hours, I have not yet started up Athena. I did unpack her and let me tell you - what a sweet machine. You haven’t seen a more sexy piece of computer. Open it up - no cords, no clutter, just easy access to add more RAM, hard drives or daughter boards if necessary. I will put some pictures up tomorrow for everyone who is interested. I’m excited.

The other thing that I am proud of is that we managed to get anna moved across my bedroom without shutting her down. Thank you UPS for helping me maintain my 95 day uptime on anna. :)

Written by Colin Bate