Tales of the first binge

Pembroke, Bermuda

I was too busy binging on Sunday to write anything. :)

The day started off with the usual high protein breakfast, with regular baked beans in tomato sauce and four strips of turkey bacon. It was delicious. I headed into the office as usual for the gym at that point. Afterwards I made a double helping of my high protein banana nut smoothie. Sweet sweetness.

I had been craving pizza so I ordered a large one from Robin Hood and walked over and picked it up. I ended up eating three pieces which is less that I expected I would. I then went for my usual weekend Leisure Time visit (to look for movies) and ended getting a chocolate milkshake. I do love milkshakes. After that I felt like crap… for quite a while. Then I headed out to my board game night at a friend’s place. I picked up some Dr Pepper and a bag of Doritos for that, but didn’t have any of the latter, just two cans of the Dr Pepper. Felt quite bloated after that, but I hope it served its purpose.

At the end of the day I realized that I didn’t end up eating dinner at all. Perhaps I’ll have to wake up earlier on Sundays in the future to take advantage of the day more. It so happens that it is usually my shortest day since I sleep in later and go to bed earlier. I’ve started a list, as some people suggest, to keep track of my cravings so I have a plan of attack on Sunday. :)

If I were to adapt this into a long term lifestyle, I would likely relax my control on certain things with trace amounts of sugar, like a couple of the hot sauces I like. I am okay with cutting out dairy, which isn’t hard from the milk side, but I do love cheese. My post gym smoothie would reappear, so that means a banana twice a week. I would be less concerned with the exact specifics of what is in my meal at restaurants, but could see still keeping the carbs out of it for the most part.

I do miss my sandwiches and paninis for lunch. I grabbed a shot of my salad today, and while I like it, sandwiches are a part of me. Normally I have baby spinach, but today was mixed greens because I forgot to specify.

I also pre-made a bunch of my turkey/bean/veggie/salsa mix last night which I am bringing to work to eat as second lunch. It is great for that.

Written by Colin Bate