Successful excursion

Blaine, WA

I am now back in line at the border, this time lingering in the US, which is never preferrable. We are at a different crossing, in the hopes it would be faster which is what the Internet lead me to believe. Only it doesn’t seem to be the case.

The soccer game was great, Canada played really well and for a while it was tied at one, then two. The final score was 3-2 for Brazil, but it was fun anyway. Afterwards we stopped off at Merchant’s Cafe, which is apparently the oldest bar on the west coast. After Jordan won a number of games of pool against a random assortment of patrons we went off in search of some food.

We tried a couple of places before we found Il Bistro. At this point we were 11 people. Finding something that had space and was serving food wasn’t easy. But we lucked out in the end, taking advantage of a late happy hour with cheap app-sized pastas and a nice four-cheese pizza. We continued on drinking and it was around 1:30 before we called it a night and ended up back at the hotel.

After a slow morning, we all met up again at a coffee shop on Capital hill and experienced what coffee was meant to be. We ended up leaving after that, saying goodbye to the rest of our party. And that is where you find me–writing this on my Blackberry still waiting to reach the border.