Starting slow... and boring.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Over the past 8+ years, I have occasionally sent out an email digest of interesting links to people that I knew and worked with. Most of the links were technical in nature, and I would always try to add my own personal commentary. During the same time I would often come across services and tools which would be useful as a developer, many of which had a free or very low cost option. These would typically be good for personal or open source projects. Most of the time I would add these free tools and services to my list of emailed links.

Last year I bought the domain thinking I may use it for something. And while I’m still working on the site, I figured it would be a great opportunity to revive my newsletter with a proper newsletter tool.

So thank you {{first_name}} for being part of the rebirth and part of my inaugural list.

Simple & Boring logo or screenshot

Simple & Boring

This is a great article about how being boring may be the best choice for a lot of technical decisions and directions for your project/company/whatever.

Announcing CodeSandbox v3 logo or screenshot

Announcing CodeSandbox v3

We’re back with one of the biggest updates we’ve done so far! It’s very similar to the CodeSandbox 2.5 update one year ago. It includes VSCode extensions, many design tweaks, and a new devtool pane…

RunJS - Write and run JavaScript instantly logo or screenshot

RunJS - Write and run JavaScript instantly

A modern JavaScript playground, with Node and browser APIs and support for Babel and TypeScript. Write JavaScript and get instant feedback as you type.