Number Squares

Actually I’m not sure if these games have a particular name, but number squares is as good as any in my opinion. If you haven’t played before, the idea here is that you will need to put the numbers in order, but you can only move one at a time - into the empty square. To move a number into the empty square, click on that square.

This is a proof of concept version, basically I wanted to see whether I could get this far without too much trouble. And obviously I can. The issue here is, unlike most software variations of this game, I don’t scramble the starting sequence - you have to do that. I also don’t check to see if you ‘won’ so you will have to live with your own self-gratification. :) I would like to implement those features, but I know that won’t happen - at least not until I am really procrastinating. So I leave you with at least something. Have fun.