Residence space

It turns out that Dalhousie is getting desperate for people to stay in residence next year. Previously the word was that they were guaranteeing space to any returning student. This was a considerable change from the good luck lottery that they used to run for a returning spot my first year. Now they stepped even further:

Housing, Conference and Ancillary Services is pleased to guarantee space in residence for 2005/2006 for any current Dalhousie student who makes application by March 4. Applications can be submitted online at or please come by the Residence Office at 1443 Seymour Street.

It used to be that once you were out of the residence system it was hard to re-enter and even harder to get in as a random upper year student. Now they are guaranteeing it — and throwing in a bunch of incentives like DalCard money and study groups and all that business. As someone who just left the “non-traditional” residence scene last term, I would say that if you are looking for a convenient place to live then it’s not a bad deal — but even with the bonuses they are offering, the price is quite high.

Written by Colin Bate