So now I am all by myself in my 3 bedroom apartment. You can’t beat only paying $160 / month for that. :) Oh course in order to get that rate, I slave away for Housing, Conference and Ancillary Services, answering the phone all day, which may sound like an easy job, yet it is so incredibly taxing that at the end of the day, all I can do is take a nap (in my cheap apartment). But such is life and I do really enjoy the people I work with.

I am going to start adding thumbnails to my pictures on the website. I am using CKRenamer to rename the files from the default Image001.jpg… etc to something at least more informative. Then I am using PictureTray (thanks mike) to rotate my pics that need rotating. And then I can use EasyThumbs to create the thumbnails (again, thank you mike).

It really is quite a long day on the weekend when you get up before 8AM. Normally I stay up later and sleep until noon or so, but with it being so warm, …does anyone know where I can get some dry ice?I tend to only want to stay in bed until I first wake up which is around 7:30 - 8am because that is around when I have to be up normally. That is one draw back about the apartment - it gets damn hot in here. Mostly the bedrooms because the sun comes in. The living room is usually quite dark all day and doesn’t get the same heat. Of course the heat was still on until yesterday - I turned it off because there are no more Bermudians living here right now. (Although it was great to have you here K) SO out of curiousity, does anyone know where I can get some dry ice?

Written by Colin Bate