Smooth moves

As some of you may know, I attended the DSU annual Charity Ball (proceeds going to Adsum House) last night. I must say that although the food selection (ie. none - considering it was a buffet) wasn’t the greatest, I am really glad I went. It was weird being in a room with over 50% females - something that doesn’t happen too often - as any Comp. Sci. student can attest to. And to top it off - all these females were drinking free wine. :) After dinner (which was good - for what it was) there was a live auction. Here they auctioned off various things like tickets to the basketball championship at the Metro center, bus tickets, stays in hotels, brewery tours, and various products. After all those items, they were auctioning off dinner for 2 with various members of the DSU council - ie. Rent-a-Date. DSU Executive Vice-President Trevor MacRae went for $500 in some sort of crazy bidding war between two relatively tipsy women off to the side. Everyone else went circa $100.

And then the Travolta’s came on and unlike the Snowball (which doesn’t have free wine :)) people got up and started dancing almost right away. First amoung them - the crew from 2nd floor Glengary (Alex, John, Joey, Elena) The Travolta’s are a 70’s cover band and they have really embraced that fact and did a very good job. They performed until midnight at which point a DJ (and certainly he was more of a /DJ/ than the guy at the Snowball) came on a proceeded to play some weak ass something - kind of a mix between drum ‘n’ bass and ambient - but with hip-hop samples. Some people might have recognized it - but everyone was properly drunk by now and it likely didn’t matter. Anyone who knows me knows that I do enjoy dancing - especially once I get going - last night was no exception. In fact for the first time in a long time, I actually had someone compliment me on my dancing (and a female no less). That pretty much made my night and I’m hoping to ride off of it for the rest of the week as well. That about wraps up my recap of the evening. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate