Small bundle of joy

I have just returned from the mall where I went with Chris so that he could look at tents. And that is what we did. The real dilemma arose when we learned that the sale that they were having ended today. So Chris did end up with a nice tent for less that he was expecting which is always nice. Then we started looking at sleeping bags and I realized that I don’t own a sleeping bag and I’ve only ever been using the ones that my family has had for a while which are crappy starting to show their age and those ones aren’t that warm. So the sales person pitched me a nice Asolo sleeping bag called the Milano and like the tents it was on sale, but for today only. So I bought it. It is rated for -7°C and is a mummy style bag. The best thing about it is that when it is in it’s bag it is about a quarter of the size of most other sleeping bags I’ve used. Yet it is over 7 feet long. And despite knowing the manufacturer and the model and the store at which I bought it, the best page I found on the sleeping bag was from some random ‘outdoors’ website.

Sept. 4, 2004 21:03 Upon closer inspection of the sleeping bag, the link provided above isn’t so random, but is the company that actually imports these sleeping bags in Canada. Go figure.

Sept. 4, 2004 21:17 Upon trying on the sleeping bag, I realized that I will need to return it and find something wider because I don’t fit into that one. Damn. I was excited about this too.

Written by Colin Bate