fly genocide It is that time of year, and even if you are a neat freak - unlike myself - chances are still pretty good that you will have some fruit flies in your house. Likely in your kitchen - laying tiny fly eggs into anything they can get a hold of. As of four days ago, these little bastards took up their usual spot in my kitchen near my garbage and all of the food that would be left out.

The idea was mostly spurred on by the fact that I found some old apple juice in the fridge and instead of throwing it out I simply poured most of it into a little glass dish. To that I added a little bit of vinegar and covered the whole shebang in saran wrap. I put very tiny holes in the wrap - a little too small at first, but then I over-compensated and made the holes too big. So I fixed the ‘lid’ on Monday.

So with an improved lid and apple juice that was definitely starting to ferment, my deadly trap was set. At the moment as you can see in the photo, there are about 10+ flies dead or trapped inside. The nice thing is there hasn’t been any free roaming flies in the kitchen that I have noticed. So my hope is that I have cleansed my kitchen of the nuisance by effectively wiping out the entire fruit fly race in this region.

Written by Colin Bate