Slice of Excellent

FAM, Leganés

Slice of Excellent

Half of my new room H234 in Fernando Abril Martorell, in pleasant Madrid, Spain.

This is a quick note to let everyone know that I made it in one piece to Madrid and I am very happily typing this from my bedroom – an experience three months in the waiting. While I did grow to appreciate Thessaloniki more in the last few days that we were there, I can tell that, at least as far as accommodations go, Spain is ruling the roost. My shower has a curtain, and while it may not be much bigger than my previous one, it is a lot nicer and the bathroom itself is easily twice as big.

Nenad has been here a couple of days and says that the cafeteria is excellent with lots to drink and eat – salads, yogurt, and all manner of other things that make this lofty residence fee worth every penny. There is also a modest gym in the building which has Nenad beaming. That said, for the time being I am extremely glad that I have the Guatemalans close by because almost no one speaks any English. I’m fairly excited about that because it means that I should be forced to learn the language quicker – in theory. There is an intensive Spanish course that I am going to take in the first couple weeks of term to hopefully get myself to a point where I can communicate simple messages.

Some of us are off now to pick up some of the essentials that we need to buy each term. Toilet paper, hand soap, pillow, blanket (Nenad says it gets vicious cold at night), and probably some snacks. So until I get a chance later tonight to get some more photos sorted out, I give you a quick look at my room. :)