One of those days

Bits and Bytes, Thessaloniki, Greece

It started off innocuously enough, save for waking up too early – but that was planned. Daniel and I met up to head to the white tower to go up inside (apparently there is a “museum” in there). First we planned to drop off our dirty clothes at the laundry place to have them cleaned. However, when we arrived there at 9:15 or so, they weren’t open, so we dropped our clothes back home and went to the White Tower. It was a nice day already and when we finally got to the tower we climbed to the top to enjoy the view. It was quite amazing. I took a number of photos, but those will have to wait because I don’t have them with me. So many photos taken recently which is a change from the usual, so I don’t think anyone can complain.

After the tower, we went home to try the laundry again – success, except they said it wouldn’t be ready until 18:00. Small obstacle, nothing that was going to cause a problem. We then went to the university because we wanted to see if we could find a store that sold clothing with the university logo on it or something similar. We eventually did find what we were looking for and we each paid 12€ for a t-shirt. A brief stop in the lab taught us that there was ongoing maintenace on the network and the internet was out in the lab – until 14:00 apparently. No worries, we went home and I continued packing. Daniel said he was going to go the Olympic Airlines office to see about his ticket because it still hadn’t arrived.

Long story short (because I haven’t much time) our flight was cancelled. At this point Q was already on his way to the airport to pick up the tickets. They printed them, but wouldn’t give them to Q without Daniel’s credit card which had purchased them. So Daniel and I went to the airport and he and Q got their ticket – now for the 30th. I brought my ticket and got a sticker on it stating that I was now flying on the 30th and not the 29th. So I guess I’m in Greece for one more day.

And then we went to the lab later in the evening only to find out that the internet was still out and that is why I am now in Bit and Bytes again. Like I said… one of those days.