What happens at SAN stays at SAN — at least according to Mark Szepes the outgoing VP of Student Life for the DSU. Last night was the annual Student Appreciation Night in the McInnes Room of the SUB. An invitation only event that honours the hard work and dedication of the students who make the student societies run smoothly. Really for me it is an excuse to put on my suit and enjoy some music. The highlight of my evening is when the Computer Science Society won “A” level society of the year. Mike also won a lifetime achievement award which I feel is well earned. Unfortunately I don’t have any exciting or sordid stories to tell about the evening, I didn’t even breech the dance floor which is unusual for me. The music was really good, but I have no idea what the name of the band was. They sang covers of numerous artists including Oasis and Rod Stewart and although they weren’t the most danceable selection of tracks, I thought the music was some of the best I’ve seen at SAN. The DSU is getting better at choosing groups to perform at their events — which I wish I could say about us at the CS formals.