Great deals at Dell

If you are interested in getting a very nice 20” widescreen monitor (1680x1050) at a great price, Dell is offering their 2005FP model for $599 for today only — $350 off the regular price. It is a part of their 10 Days of Deals program. Tomorrow something else will be on sale.

I have a very similar Dell 20” non-widescreen at my desk at work as a loaner and let me tell you — it is fantastic. Bright, crisp and it has a 4-port USB 2.0 hub built-in. It is height adjustable and supports both DVI and VGA inputs along with S-Video and Composite inputs if you decide you want to hook it up to your DVD player. It also has Picture-In-Picture if you want to watch TV and code at the same time — on the same monitor. It also supports Picture By Picture which if I understand correctly lets you split the screen in half with two different inputs. This would be useful to show something from two different computers to a client for comparison or just to use two different computers on one monitor. Oh yea — you can also pivot the monitor to use it in portrait mode if you would rather. :)

In any case, I just bought one for use at home since the EMF in my room causes a wobble in my CRT. I haven’t decided yet, but I might be selling my 19” Viewsonic CRT after I get this so if you are interested, get in touch and I’ll keep you in mind.