Rootbeer Free

Bridges Hall, University of Reading

I have learned via comments on the Internet and from my own experience in supermarkets that there is no root beer to found in the UK. This is quite a disturbing concept. Of course, I have survived over a month without it at this point, and I suspect I can survive the remainder of my time here without it, but I don’t need to anymore.

Enter AmericanSoda – an online retailer that sells American brands of root beer, Mountain Dew, various candies and grocery items. Unfortunately there is no, but I think that this solution works well. In fact, they sell IBC Root Beer which I have yet to find in Canada (they might have it out west perhaps) but in my opinion is a very fine root beer. It sells for £16.95 for a case of 24, which is actually cheaper than getting pop from the vending machine and only slightly more than buying from a local store when they have a special on. And it is a flavour that isn’t available locally. And if I order by Monday, shipping is only £3.50.

So if any of you find yourself in the UK with a craving for the sweet nectar that is root beer, now you know where to turn. :)