In todays world of weblogs and no time for anything real, some people have dozens of sites that they read every day. And with all us geeks in computer science there are a fair share that maintain online jounals of sorts. So James had the idea of combining them all together using the RSS feeds and a piece of software called Planet. So if any of you are inclined the aggregation is available temporarily from James’s account and is called Planet Dal CS. We are still very much in development, but the faculty is behind the initiative and we will likely be getting a subdomain and a link from the front page for this in an effort to promote the CS community to prospective students and the general public.

So if you are a CS student and you have a feed, let me know. If you don’t have a weblog or other site that lends to RSS feeds, or you want to add RSS to your site, or you don’t know what RSS is, then please contact me and I will help you on your way.

Written by Colin Bate