Iconic representation

Because everyone else is talking about it. :) I brought up one of the current projects I was involved with — the Planet Dal CS a couple of days ago. One of the things that this site lets you have is a 64 by 64 pixel icon or avatar as they are known. I’ve been using them in the forum for almost three years. However, the attempt has been made to use icons that are physically accurate to the people they are representing.

Mike mentions in his recent post, the CS Heads are the collection of heads in question. The one that I originally used was the one on the left below. I made a much larger version of this that was originally going to be used for a since abandoned version of this site. The image served that purpose well, but I thought I should create a new version that has better colour and form. (And me wearing a suit) So far, this is the only CS Head that isn’t wearing glasses. I know that James uses the GIMP for his heads, but I’ve been using Photoshop. I guess since his software is free, he comes out ahead in any case. (pun intended).

djcolin icon bald suit icon

As an interesting note, there is a service that has been around for a couple years called Iconize Me that does iconic caricatures of people for $15 USD a pop. And as more useless trivia, the guy who runs this service is 19 years old.

Written by Colin Bate