Pimping the Apple

I saw the Blade: Trinity movie today and I must say that I enjoyed it. Wesley Snipes was Blade - and did just as well as in the previous movies, but what brought it together was the comedic styling of Ryan Reynolds (of Van Wilder fame — although I think of him from the context of Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place). Despite this being a gory vampire movie, his jokes were delivered in a way only Ryan could pull off. The soundtrack was great — like the other Blade movies — and they were pimping the Apple products wherever they could. Not only did they have the usually sexy Apple Cinema Displays (both the vampires and the ‘good guys’) but Jessica Biel actually had two scenes where she was prepared an iTunes playlist and downloaded it to her iPod — because she “liked to listen to music while she hunted”.

Written by Colin Bate