IE CSS woes

Well IE really doesn’t inherit well. I’ve managed to fix a few style bugs that IE6 was introducing for itself. In the process I introduced a lot of redundancy into my CSS, which definitely defeats the part of the purpose for having it in the first place. And at this point, I have managed to fix the forum too… except for one small issue. The author’s name and post number are obscured behind the blue div that contains them. I’m not sure how that happened, but I will investigate later. It looks fine in Firefox and in Safari so I’m not too worried yet, because Windows users should be using Firefox anyway.

I also figured out what was fucking up the shadows on the right. Apparently IE doesn’t like it when you tell it too many things at once. Changing background: url(...) bottom right no-repeat; into background-image: url(...); background-position: bottom right; background-repeat: no-repeat; seemed to fix the problem. The weird thing is that when the position is either bottom left or top right, the former condensed style works OK. Is it any wonder why Firefox is gaining so much popularity?

9:10 PM Turns out the fix was made by adding a border-bottom: 1px solid #fff; to the divs — and not the solution I mentioned above.

Written by Colin Bate