Peace of mind

As everyone may have already noticed it is February. Groundhogs, cupid, etc, etc. For me however, it marks the one year anniversary of this site. Well this version of the site anyway. Almost a full year running off of a MySQL database - which is fine, except that what if something happened to MySQL on borg? That would be one year of memories lost. Fortunately there exists a utility that comes with mysql called mysqldump. This program lets you dump the contents of your database to a file such that it can be recreated back to the point of you dumping it. So today I did just that. If anyone is interested in what the filesize is for a year’s worth of memories - it is roughly 1.2 MB. :) The majority of that being from sonar! - about 3/4 of it. So everyone - especially me can sleep easier tonight.

Written by Colin Bate