New browsing experience

I have finally made the switch to Opera. I started using it at work a couple days ago - because I have to test my web stuff on as many browsers as I can. The whole business with the tabbed interface is what won me over. I’m sure if you ask Chris he can tell you all the cool things he likes about it because it was his optimism that made me seriously consider it in the first place. According to the web site version 7 is bigger and better than ever before. Also, apparently Opera is “featured” in The Recruit - along side Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. :) At least that is what their website says. I am going to see that this weekend (hopefully) and I will certainly be able to let you know if this is true. Some of the CSS elements in Opera are a bit off - but I think that the overall benefit (including no unrequested popups) outweigh the problems. It’s not like IE was perfect. :)

Written by Colin Bate