One month to go!

Until the finest moment in film history occurs - the Return of the King. I know that there was some disappointment with the ending of the Matrix Series, and while I disagree for the most part, I also don’t really care relative to the absolute awesomeness of the Lord of the Ring series. Say what you will, maybe I am biased to the genre or something - but you can’t deny that LotR is a much finer piece of work. The fact that it is one long movie that is based off of one of the most amazing and detailed series of books I have ever read is only part of it.

In any case, you know where I will be on the 17th of December. :) And on a very much related note, the extended edition of Two Towers is released tomorrow. This 4 disc set is supposed to mirror the Fellowship in its grandeur. Forty three minutes of extra footage in the extended version, plus 4 audio commentaries. In addition, there are two other DVDs filled with making-of featurettes. The first one was absolutely amazing, and I know that this one won’t let me down. So if you are wondering where I am for the next couple of days, I have some serious watching to do.

Written by Colin Bate