Get them while you can

It has served as my source of music for many years. It is responsible for turning me onto electronic music in a big way. It had been a fun ride since high school, but now we will have to wait and see what happens. I’m talking about I received notice yesterday in lieu of my usual news letter that C|Net has purchased the large music site and is not going to continue it’s current service. has provided a springboard for many fledgling artists to get into the music scene. Music was freely provided by the artists who were compensated based on plays and downloads. This system worked and for a time it was good. Then a couple years back Universal Music aquired and then I was afraid that things would be different. They were, but not in a bad way - a new look and more commerciallize pages didn’t get in the way of the hoards of quality music waiting to be garnered. Apparently music will be available until December 2, 2003 but I imagine that speed will be slower than usual as everyone tries to get one last song or two.

I have signed up for the exclusive peek at what C|Net plans to do once it is available. I hope that it will continue to provide the web community with as much value as it formally did. Thank you, RIP.

Written by Colin Bate