Of Homey Things

homey I was in the city today for the second time since I moved home. This time, there was no school related motive — more of a shopping related motive. The malls are nuts — filled with people who were doing all of their last minute shopping as feverishly as we were. Overall it was a successful trip as my brother and I both got the last few things we were looking for.

While I am on the topic of home… I guess, now would be a good time to mention the fact that my family has finally found a dog that isn’t insane. Pictured above, Roxy is a black lab and she is remarkably well behaved. She won’t enter the kitchen or go up to the top floor and to the best of my knowledge and experience is quite housebroken. More-so than our last couple of dogs — both of whom bit people and ended up back at the SPCA. We have had a cat for almost two years and he seems to tolerate the dog with a level of indifference that only a cat can muster.

And tonight is the Christmas semi-formal at my brother’s girlfriends school so they were over and so I grabbed some photos of them by the Christmas tree. Now might be a good time to bug certain people about dating high school students, but all things in good time. Season’s Greetings.

Written by Colin Bate