Almost Settled In

settled I am almost settled in here back at home now — I put my desk together and finally got athena booted up. Tomorrow I am going to brave the junk and dust in my closet and likely end up throwing much of it out. Then I can put my clothes in there and not piled up on the couch outside my room.

It kind of feels a bit weird being home for the first time since high school. Of course, I haven’t been here long enough yet for it to feel any different than another Christmas visit. But depending on a few variables, I might be here a little longer than I am used to. Given that I am completely finished university — at least my Bachelor of Computer Science, there is a big decision to be made as to what I want to do next. Grad School? Travel? Find work? Work for myself? Where will I live? I guess these are the questions that face a number of people who are in similar shoes to mine.

So even though I am not in school anymore, I will certainly still strive to keep everyone on top of my daily life as it unfolds before my eyes. Oh yea — and web stuff — I am definitely still going to write about that. :)

Written by Colin Bate