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Hamilton, Bermuda

It is amazing how things have changed in the past two weeks. I’ve been working from home for almost that whole time, and likewise I suspect most of you will be in similar situations. If, like me, you have young kids home from school, I salute you. Enough said. Let’s get geeky.

In case anyone is interested in visualizing the COVID-19 numbers, there is a web app for that. Probably more than one, but one that I came across is created using neo.mjs. Also in the news lately is the fact that GitHub (and therefore Microsoft) has acquired NPM including their package repository which is basically the centre of the JavaScript universe.

Optimizing C# for a serverless environment logo or screenshot

Optimizing C# for a serverless environment

A few tips to help optimize your C# functions to run more cost effectively on serverless platforms. Particularly useful if you are processing a lot of data and want or need to lower your costs.

Cascadia Code logo or screenshot

Cascadia Code

A relatively new coding typeface released by Microsoft. It was designed in conjunction with the new Windows Terminal and features programming ligatures. There is also a version without the ligatures and versions with powerline symbols. All of this is available free and open source. So if you are like me and enjoy changing up your coding fonts on occasion, I recommend giving this one a shot.

Announcing RxGo v2 logo or screenshot

Announcing RxGo v2

Some may question the need for something like ReactiveX within Go, but having taking a quick look, it does seem to be a useful abstraction, especially if you are already familiar with other members of the Rx family. Version 2 introduces over 50 new operators and a number of other features, so check it out.