New MacBook Air

Toronto, ON

As I’ve mentioned on my CanuckInBermuda site, I just bought a new 11” MacBook Air. This thing is slick. It is based on Flash storage, and it is tiny, quiet, and responsive. The keyboard is great, which Apple always seems to get right and the trackpad is perfect as usual.

I have the same resolution in 11” as I do in my 15.6” work laptop. Sharp to say the least. However, one thing I noticed after I installed a few of my usual apps was this strange blipping noise which would intrude on me at seemingly random times. I knew it was coming from somewhere but wasn’t sure what. In fact, I could remember something like this happening before on my last new machine. So the purpose of this post is to remind me when I get a new Mac again that it is Skype which is the culprit. By default it has a notification sound whenever someone on my list signs in. Argh. Not useful at all really.