New Faces

I think I will update this front page piece by piece this time. First of all I would like to comment on all the nice weather we are getting in Halifax this week. I think I have worn shorts to work everyday this week. And I was able to get out and play some Frisbee… sorry play with a “sport disc” for a while on Monday with mike. More to come after CSI :P

OK, so when I said after CSI, I meant a day after :) I have finally reached the weekend and I can sleep in. It did go out tonight to Pacifico where I was actually able to get mike to go. :) A good time was had by all. And when I say all, I mean myself… and mike I guess. Of interest to some, on our way down, I ran into Devin and he told me that Pacifico got a new DJ who played more housey stuff. And, for the first few songs I was ready to believe him, until the music started to suck. Needless to say, if this was a new guys then he had better start playing some more house- although he did play a lot less hip hop.

Work is busy…busy…busy…etc. :P There is a group with us now that is giving us some headaches, mostly due to the fact that the individuals are being paid for by various organizations - or that is the intention, but we have only received a couple cheques for groups and well… it is just messy. I even had two people come in today are request a refund because they decided to stay in a hotel rather than try to locate the building they were supposed to be in with us. Anyway… that is my rant about work… I’m sure more will follow along my summer.

rhuvok out.

Written by Colin Bate