Beautiful Weekend

So far… :P But I have faith in the fact that, although I think it was supposed to rain the weekend that it will not, at least not until Monday. That would be fine. In other news, GA44 lost a member today. Mike Smit, previously a resident here is now gone. We will mourn the departure of this fine young man and well put some of our junk into his room. :)

lotrI have finished the first book of the Lord of the Rings - “The Fellowship of the Ring” and I am now moving on to the second book, “The Two Towers”. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and although I had seen the movie first, I was not disadvantaged by it. In retrospect, I think that Peter Jackson and his crew that worked on that movie did an excellent job in capturing the true essence that Tolkien had originally intended. When I first saw the movie, I was completely brought into a world that does not exist and that I think is the desired affect. I am very much looking forward to this second book.

I also splurged a bit today and bought a new ergonomical keyboard. It is funny because it was this $50 keyboard that kept me from buying the $100 cordless trackball. Now, I may have avoided buying it now, but soon, I will likely be back to get it. I must say, I do enjoy this keyboard. One thing that some people might be thinking (mike) is how I was able to install this PS/2 keyboard without sacrificing my impressive idle-time/uptime. Well… it turns out that if you switch the two cords fast enough, the computer doesn’t notice. So while I did not restart my computer, I was able to install a cold-install device. I am now going to be watching Vanilla Sky, which is a very good movie. Cheers.

new keyboard

rhuvok out.

Written by Colin Bate