My new home

I have just heard tonight that I will be in apartment 21 for the summer. This is good for a couple reasons. It is only one flight up from here so it will be easier to move. It is a good apartment and I have known the people who have lived there for the past couple of years - and I know it was well cared for. It is on the ground floor so my brother won’t get to complain about lugging his crap up a couple flights of stairs - something I am all too familiar with. Plus I am pretty sure that they are the apartments that have had recent renovations as far as bathrooms and kitchens go.

I also don’t think that the current residents are staying for next year, so this is likely the apartment that I will be living in for the fall as well. That is my assumptions anyway - and my brother isn’t moving in until then. For the summer it looks like I will be living by myself. Good times.

Written by Colin Bate