My new baby

comfort keyboard

18 September 2022
I realized that I didn’t mention the name of this keyboard in this article, which is ridiculous. It is the Comfort Keyboard Original. The site looks the same 18 years later, so I’m not sure they are still in business.

To those people who rely on this site to find out just what it is that I do on a semi-regular basis I apologize. I didn’t want to say anything without the photos and I was just lazy about getting them online. The keyboard is definitely unique… I haven’t really had too much of a chance to spend long hours typing on it yet, but I have had to do a bit of work and I’ll tell you that it is taking something to get used to. It has made me realize that I clearly don’t know how to type properly. And that is true. I don’t. I have never needed to learn. I can type fast enough for what I use the computer for and that is programming. However I am going to try and learn in the near future. Once classes are over I might take some time and learn the proper skills.

But in any case I am pleased. It works with my laptop and it even has my ctrl and capslock keys swapped by default. I only wish I had had the opportunity to try out the Kenesis USB Advantage Pro - which is another contoured keyboard, but it is quite powerful. It wasn’t what I was looking for as best I could tell. However there is no store that sells that stuff in Halifax so I was forced to base everything off reviews that I read. No complaints so far.

Written by Colin Bate