Munro Day

Well if you happen to go to Dal (or work at Dal) then you had today off! What did I do? I got up at 8am and went to work. And I was there all morning just trying to figure out this content management system that I am doing for the theatre department. And it would be a relatively straight-forward procedure but for the fact that IS - the computer on which their web site resided supports absolutely no feature which makes it conducive to creating a CMS. For they want I would need 4+ tables in a relational database - if I could use one. So I am working on things and hoping that a database will fall into my lap. Well… actually a database isn’t really my biggest problem - it’s the fact that PHP on IS is not configured to use any database system regardless of whether I can access it or not. Grrr. Then I came home and took a nap and I am ready to work on whatever on my computer. :)

Note: Turns out that I do/did get paid for today. :P

Written by Colin Bate