Markup Information

I have decided to start using more of a logical markup for my posts on my site. Instead of the zero markup that I use now, I will start with a couple of “tags”. These tags are actually just spans that use classes to identify the contents. Below I will attempt to explain what each of these markup types mean so that you can better understand the legend and consequently the rest of my site.

Inside Jokes - These are things that may or may not make a whole lot of sense when you are reading my entries. Often these will be quotes from TV shows or other miscellaneous nonesense that mean something to some people.

Link - Links are a very basic and critical part of (X)HTML. I’m sure you know what they are, but for those uncertain about it - they link to external files.

Code or commands - Anything that I would write in a program or at the Unix prompt will appear in the code typeface. This allows me to preserve the original formatting along with denoting something which is fundamentally different than plain text.

More details about this new markup will surface once I get things figured out.

Written by Colin Bate