Massive numbers of games. I played more console video games today than I have in years. I am definitely not much for computer games, but the feel of a controller is so much more natural. I grew up (like so many others) with console gaming. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis, Nintendo 64 - so many classic games, so many wasted hours. Of course I didn’t think of them as wasted back then. Now though with such devices as the Playstation, Gamecube and X-Box so many games are so complicated. They all require an intense amount of hand-eye coordination - I can’t even hope to keep up. I could handle simple top-down RPGs and flat, linear menu systems, but now we have dynamic camera angles and 3D interactive menus all designed to impress, all succeeding to intimidate. That being said, there is something appealing about colliding two motorcycles together at 150 MPH and watching the drivers skid face first into walls - however there were a disappointing number of fiery explosions - none. All told I think 7 games were played of which I played 6 over a period of about 6~7 hours.

I’d like to thank Jon for providing the venue, games and sustenance for our crazy afternoon/evening of fun and excitement. Good times. Good times indeed.

Written by Colin Bate