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Hamilton, Bermuda

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m a huge fan of Svelte as I’ve made clear in the past, so when I come across useful libraries for it, you will likely hear about it. So we have a couple of Svelte related links today, but also something a bit different as well to keep everyone on their toes.

Baserow logo or screenshot


Self hosted open source no-code online database and Airtable alternative. Baserow gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser. The hosted version of this is free at the moment, so if this scratches an itch now might be the time to get on board. If you have use for a friendly to manage collection of data with an API, this could be useful. Even without integrating it into a larger app.

Felte logo or screenshot


An extensible form library for Svelte and Solid. Forms are a necessary evil of building any application, and while basic form usage in Svelte is pretty easy, once you have a couple of fields and you want some validation and other common things, it starts to become a bit tedious. This lets you take care of some of that in a convenient manner.

svelte-meta-tags logo or screenshot


Svelte Meta Tags is a plugin that makes managing your SEO easier in Svelte projects. This is something I’m not really good at admittedly, so having a component do it is nice. If you are building s Svelte app that you want people to find (and link to), this could come in handy.

And for something fun…

fishdraw logo or screenshot


Procedurally generated fish drawings. Yes, this is a thing. A fun thing though. Procedural art seems to be taking off at the moment, and while this isn’t really a developer tool, the source code for this on GitHub if you want to geek out.