Lectures over, but far from done.

Bridges Hall, University of Reading

There are no more lectures for this term for myself and a number of my fellow Erasmus Mundus friends. The regular Network Centred Computing students have two more modules left, but then again, they are on a one year program and ours is a year and a half. Just because the classes are over doesn’t mean that we are in the clear – far from it. November is looking to be a very busy month, especially for those in my program without much programming knowledge. I also have the additional challenge of finishing up the online store for my aunt’s spa and making some overall modifications to their website.

Haven’t had the time or inclination to do much more exploring recently, but I do hope that I can get somewhere photo-worthy again before I leave England. I have some early plans in mind that involve Budapest and/or Vienna in the not too distant future, but nothing for sure.