Air Canada

University of Reading Campus

Written in the Meteorology GU01 room

This email is amusing for a number of reasons. First of all it attempts to tell us that within Canada and the US we now have the exciting privilege of buying our own food because they can’t be bothered to cater to people who don’t like plastic chicken and rice. It is also obvious that I was sent this because I have a return ticket to Canada on the 13th of December – however, they didn’t seem to notice that my flight isn’t within the continental region that this information applies to. So I’m left wondering whether I’ll be able to buy expensive tiny portions of food on the airplane.

Dear Sir / Madam,

You have booked flight(s) for travel on 12/13/05.

Please be advised, as of November 01, 2005, all Hospitality Class service, for flights over 1.5 hours, within Canada and the continental USA (Hawaiian and Mexican destinations excluded) will feature our Onboard Café service. As well, Special Meals will no longer be available for these flights in Hospitality Class.

With our Onboard Café, we are pleased to offer our Hospitality Class customers with a popular, innovative menu of reasonably priced items featuring brand, quality and choice. Please refer to the Onboard Café page on for details of the product, including the latest menu.

Thank you for choosing Air Canada. Bon voyage!