It's alive

Anna is alive. I am typing this on her right now. I don’t think that she was as much of a goner as I originally thought. Before I get too far into this I want to remind everyone that Anna is my desktop PC that I haven’t used in over a month. Reason #1 - My monitor is dead. When I turn it on, it sounds like a wounded snake and quite frankly I worry that it will explode. Shield your eyes. Reason #2 - A gimpy mouse. My nice Dexxa optical mouse that I bought like 3 years ago has finally lost it. I have been watching this thing die for a while and one of the late developing symptoms was erratic mouse movements (and clicking) which lead me to believe that I had contracted something virulant. This does not seem to be the case however and I am quite content to use my trackball. However that being said, I am still considering selling her. I realize now after about a 1.5 months away from the computer that I am quite a bit more impressed with the OSX platform. Flame away. Cheers

Written by Colin Bate