Important stuff

Well. I have dropped the proverbial ball again. I definitely should have told you all on Wednesday that my iPod finally came in. However, Wednesday was also when things started to hit the fan with work. So there was that and another project that I had to do for the alfresco filmFesto. However, I think that things are resolved now. Not that I would really know because I am home in Durham and I feel totally isolated from the rest of the world. But having a pool that you can jump into during this 30+ degree heat is most certainly appreciated.

Which brings me to the reason that I am here, my brother’s graduation. The ceremony took place last night and as usual it was inhumanly warm. Three hours is a long time for 600 people to cram into a gymansium for any reason at any point in the year, let along one of the hottest days. But it was most certainly worth it and I am pleased to say that my brother came in third place. It was also the last graduation that will be taking place at my old high school, West Pictou District High as students will be moving to a new larger school which I have learned will be called Northumberland Regional High School. It will be weird when my younger brothers start attending this completely new school.

There has been more cool stuff happen like the Dawg Father getting his cart impounded and I have yet to tell the tale of how my team won the programming competition, but I am so incredibly tired that I can’t even think. Cheers

Written by Colin Bate